Floaters: SEASON 1

Meet the Floaters - inhabitants of a ramshackle settlement that orbits the Earth, in a neighborhood known to locals as Dymaxion City.

Jess and her boyfriend Anthony, Blake and his best bud Morgan, the officious Olive Redgrave, the casually scientific Mark Darling – they're all discovering that life manages to carry on as usual, even in space.

Season 1 is a look at the ins and outs of everyday existence in the near-future.  When you're reality is upside down and you're 100 miles in the sky, there's nowhere to go but . . . up?



EPISODE 1: Welcome Aboard!

Self-proclaimed filmmaker Anthony introduces us to his modest abode on the orbiting hamlet while simultaneously coercing his girlfriend into various favors.

EPISODE 2: Readout

Using state-of-the-art technology, scientist Mark delves the depths of Blake & Morgan’s intellect. He may come up short on useful data, but he will learn a lot about what makes people tick.

EPISODE 3: Any Questions?

When Anthony commits his latest relationship blunder, he enlists Mark’s scientific and tactical expertise in order formulate a coverup before time runs out.

EPISODE 4: Pennies from Heaven

Blake is convinced of a classic urban legend, and Morgan is more than willing to take him up on a demonstration. They are in rare form, matching mischief with life-threatening danger and sheer will with a total lack of knowledge.

EPISODE 5: Dude, Where's My Boyfriend?

When Jess discovers her boyfriend is missing, she finds Blake and Morgan forging new paths in the name of science. Anthony happens to be the one paying the price.

EPISODE 6: Bedtime Services

If Earth was where you longed for sex, than Space will be where you long for Earth. Meet Bernadette, employee of The Domestics and purveyor of terrestrial nostalgia. In space, everyone needs a little tucking in.

EPISODE 7: Anthony Buys a Babbler

In his never-ending quest for the facade of clever novelty, Anthony procures a Magic 8 Ball-style fortune teller only to discover its level of novel cleverness far exceeds his own.


Blake realizes he may be able to communicate with extraterrestrials. With Morgan's contribution, a plan is hatched. Soon, scientific discovery is underway - and space suffers the consequences.

EPISODE 9: Date Night

Jess and Anthony hammer out the terms of mutual fun as they struggle through yet another negotiation about what to do for their “special evening.”

EPISODE 10: Moving Day

Some late night disarray at Blake & Morgan’s is interrupted by Jess, evidently with some chaos brewing of her own. The more they pry into each other’s business, the less either understands. It’s just business as usual when you live in a pile of orbiting shipping containers.

EPISODE 11: Safety Protocol

Administrator Olive Redbrave issues a video tutorial on how residents should maintain safety while using airlocks. It's only slightly dangerous - but Olive lives for danger.

EPISODE 12: Big Promotion

Just when Jess thinks her lousy boyfriend can’t sink any lower, he goes and redeems himself just enough for her to ignore his shortcomings for another day. So is this Anthony and Jess at their best, or at their worst? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

EPISODE 13:On the Road Again

Blake and Morgan have been excised from their residence. With nowhere to turn they resort to the outer space equivalent of homelessness. It’s life on the streets with an oxygen tank. Even the endless void of space isn’t enough to deter their optimism, guilelessness, and friendship.


BONUS EP: Emergency Countdown

Is it apocalypse in Dymaxion City? Is Morgan contemplating his demise in zen-like splendor? Will Blake be able to save him? And who’s watching the ice cream?

BONUS EP: Blake Makes Dinner

Blake contemplates thinking about aspiring to potentially consider becoming a space chef.